(In Stock) Hiney PCBs
(In Stock) Hiney PCBs
(In Stock) Hiney PCBs
(In Stock) Hiney PCBs
(In Stock) Hiney PCBs
(In Stock) Hiney PCBs
(In Stock) Hiney PCBs
(In Stock) Hiney PCBs

(In Stock) Hiney PCBs

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h87a *North and South variants* - a fully-programmable PCB for custom a.87-layout tenkeyless (TKL) mechanical keyboards utilizing a USB Mini B connector.

At this point only normal thickness (1.6mm) is available.

The normal thickness (1.6mm) h87a is made up of a Black core FR4 + gloss red solder mask


There are two options - South and North spacebar. The South spacebar variant should fit most boards. The North variant is for boards with less internal clearance. If you are not sure which to get, please check the information in the compatibility chart.

You can check Compatibility HERE
Please note- Prototypist can not guarantee that this PCB will fit in your case - even if listed as probable in the link above.


H60 *USB and daughterboard variants*

  • 60%, GH60 layout/mounting
  • USB Type-C connector
  • Two variants: 
    • USB - USB Type-C. No JST connection. For boards with a USB cutout.
    • JST - JST SH 4-pin connector. No USB Type-C. Use only with daughterboards. Comes with JST and daughterboard
  • Compatible with QMK and VIA
  • Cherry MX and Alps footprints
  • Cherry PCB-mount stabilizer support
  • No RGB at this time.
  • This is an ANSI-only PCB, with bottom row support. See the product images for specific layouts!
  • NO ISO SUPPORT ON HS60 PCBs as per the layout guidance
  • Black core FR4 + gloss red solder mask
  • Split space: 2.75 + 1.5 + 2.75 (fits 7u spots)


All Designed by Hineybush



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