Weekly Update - 10th April 2020

10th April 2020


  • IDB B-stock spare parts went live on Monday - all stock sold is now shipped. One MX-HHKB top remains.
  • Lodestone parts have all arrived - now undergoing assessment for project viability; expect announcements in the next month or so on progress
  • J-02 now in production - challenges on magnetic pen rail due to suppliers. More announcments soon
  • Carbon Fibre Plates - Manufacturing finished - Currently shipping to me from the manufacturer - on track for May delivery
  • KAT Drifter - In production queue
  • Australia CFA Deskmats - Ready to ship from manufacturer but currently blocked by Covid-19 - Expecting to ship next week

  • New IC for J-series switches coming soon
  • J-02 IC for Extra plates in alternative layouts / new materials now live - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1usy09dc0bnGLujAzFXM9ZnJz_nhdOwclr8J1B7ABb8o/edit

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