Weekly Update - 15th January 2021

Key Notes:

  • New system for EU where Duties and Taxes will be paid on store ready later this month - Current EU orders wont pay VAT but will pay duties on import
  • Last few days for GMK Stealth!! ALL KITS WILL BE MADE, ends on the 16th Jan
  • Custom Plate GB Back end of this month! POM and CF will be avail - you provide any file you have the rights to use and we will cut it in either POM or CF (or both!) for you!
  • More In Stock Items coming next week - Jelly POM Caps, POM 60% Tray Plates, Keyset storage tubs, Lube Brush kits and more!


In Stock: 

    • Lavender Switches
    • Range of Deskmats
    • Panpan Plushies


Live Group Buys:


Coming Soon:

  • KEYSETS: GMK Matcha Mocha, KAM Superuser, GMK Birch, Infinikey Raspberry, SA8010, GMK Dandy, ePBT 6085, GMK Arch, GMK Alchemy, KAT Phantasmagoria all coming soon - plus many more!!
  • KEYBOARDS: Lodestone, J-03, Argyle, Aella, OGR, Isla, Project BB and many more yet to announce :D
  • MISC: Lube kits, more deskmats, more switches, more stabilisers....



Concluded Group Buys Latest Position:

  • Keyboard group buys currently in production:
    • Clarabelle - Now in Manufacturing (expected Late January/ Early February 2021)
    • Candybar R2.1.1 - Received boards - awaiting a small number of parts to ship final orders
    • J-01 - Manufacturing order placed for all parts except PCBs/Gaskets (expected June 2021)
    • Sagittarius (expected July 2021)
    • Tsukuyomi (expected August 2021)
  • GMK sets currently in production:
    • GMK Bleached (expected January 2021 - Confirmed by GMK but date at risk due to Covid lockdowns)
    • GMK Black Lotus (expected March 2021) (deskmats arrived and shipped for orders with just a deskmat)
    • GMK Midnight Rainbow (expected June 2021) (deskmats arrived and shipped for orders with just a deskmat)
    • GMK Mecha-01 (expected July 2021 - deskmats arrived and shipped for orders with just a deskmat)
    • GMK Shoko R2 (expected May 2021)
    • GMK Fundamentals (expected September/October 2021)
    • GMK Thai Tea (order in process to GMK)
    • GMK Pink on Navy (order in process to GMK)
    • GMK Alpine (order in process to GMK)
  • KAT sets currently in production:
    • Drifter (Expected March 2021 from update on 6th Jan from Keyreative - Deskmats have arrived)
    • Monochrome (Expected December 2021)
  • SA sets currently in production:
    • Rocket (expected June 2021)
  • Deskmats currently in production:
    • RGB Candymat (Still not arrived - Chasing daily - Courier investigating)
    • Moody Moon Deskmats (expected February 2021)
    • Fruit Switch Deskmats (expected February 2021)
    • UYU Deskmats (expected February 2021)
    • Lemon Heaven Now (expected February 2021)
    • Samoyed Deskmats (expected February 2021)
    • Monochrome Series Deskmats (expected February 2021)
    • Synthwave Series (expected March 2021)
    • Mech Series by Alexotos (expected February/March 2021)
    • Monstera mats (expected February 2021)
    • Controller Series (expected March 2021)
    • Nyap Time Series (expected March 2021)
    • Weave Deskmats by Sour (expected March 2021)
    • Plant Arcana (expected May 2021)
    • bruhmat (expected June/July 2021)
  • Infinikey sets currently in production (incl matching deskmats):
    • Strawberry Lemonade - Only UK orders left to ship, awaiting more kits (expected January 2021)
    • 808-Boom (Arrived at warehouse - awaiting TKC Sign-Off, expected to ship January 2021)
    • Amalfi (Arrived at warehouse - awaiting TKC Sign-Off, expected to ship January 2021)
    • Musubi (expected February 2021)
    • Blacklight (expected March 2021)
    • Comfy (expected April 2021)
    • Dark Cyrillic (expected April  2021)
    • Cabernet (expected May 2021)
    • Morse (expected May 2021)
    • DSA Magic Girl (expected May 2021)
  • Misc Group Buys in production
    • POM Keycaps - Compat kit orders still outstanding - awaiting ETA from Escape Keyboards - Likely February 2021
    • Shogōki Switch - (awaiting invoice from manufacturer)
    • Dusk Pandas - (Manufacturer Invoice Paid - Expected May 2021)



Completed and shipped Group Buys:

  • Infinikey Graen and Deskmats - all orders shipped 
  • Candybar R2 - all orders shipped (R2.1 still outstanding)
  • Archetype mats - all orders shipped 
  • Pastel / Black Lotus Deskmats only - all orders shipped
  • June CF plate GB - all orders shipped
  • J-02 Limited Edition (only orders bought via Prototypist) - all orders shipped
  • POM Keycaps (orders without Compat Kit only) - all orders shipped
  • Islander and deskmats - all orders shipped
  • Panpan plushies and deskmats - all orders shipped
  • Finale Deskmats - all orders shipped
  • Adron - MX Switches, Stefan - Red Skull, BlackRiver - Spaceman - all orders shipped
  • Boba Tea Series - all orders shipped
  • Crystal Series - all orders shipped
  • WCK Deskmat - all orders shipped
  • EPBT Retro Cyrillic - all orders shipped
  • Infinikey Pastel and Deskmats - all orders shipped
  • Infinikey Aether and Deskmats - all orders shipped
  • Cute Keyboard Club - all orders shipped
  • Rain series - all orders shipped
  • Infinikey Port - all orders shipped
  • Infinikey Strawberry Lemonade - all orders shipped (except UK orders as awaiting some missing kits)

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