Weekly Update - 27th June 2020

Live Group Buys:

  • Clarabelle - still a few units left!! None Europe joiners get a 20% reduction (VAT refund) after purchase via emailing jae@protoytpist.net
  • Boba Tea Deskmats GB Still Live
  • EPBT Retro Cyrillic needs your love!!
  • Archetype deskmats GB is also live.
  • CF Plate GB is open until the end of the month!!


In Stock:


Coming Soon:

  • More lube soon!!
  • Infinikey Aether Starts Saturday at 10am!!
  • J-01 redesign is Complete. Prototype is here!!, Group Buy Soon?
  • Lodestone Prototype v2 is here!!
  • Simple artisan cases
  • Some deskmat Group buys, some keyboard group buys, some keyset group buys.... J-01, Lodestone, GMK Alchemy, Infinikey Port... keep your eyes peeled!!


Concluded Group Buys:

  • Infinikey Aether - In production queue
  • Mats by Adron, Stefan and Black River now in production queue
  • GMK Midnight Rainbow - in production queue
  • GMK Bleached - In production queue
  • J-02 now in production - machining well underway
  • KAT Drifter - In production queue, Mats have arrived and will ship with the keyset
  • POM Keycaps - In production queue
  • Infinikey Graen - In production queue
  • Candybar R2 & R2.1.1 - In production queue
  • Infinikey Pastel - In production queue
  • GMK Black Lotus - In production queue
  • Infinikey Islander - In production queue
  • Finale Deskmats - in production queue

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