Brexit Impacts to Sales and Shipping

Quick update for all customers to see how Brexit changes may impact their shipping. For any support after reading this article email

The TL:DR for this update is that most things will continue as normal from a customer perspective


UK Customers - No impact, sales and shipping continues as normal

Customers not in the UK or EU (EU = European Union) - No impact, sales and shipping continues as normal

Customers in the EU (EU = European Union) - Please check carefully to determine what the impacts may be depending on your order status:


 When did you Order When is it Shipping Impact Status
In 2020 In 2020 No Impact - all orders shipped N/A
In 2020 In 2021 VAT paid at time of sale - customer will not experience VAT at time of delivery (see note 1 for more details) and is guaranteed (now defunct as we are in 2022) N/A
In 2020 In 2022  VAT paid at time of sale - All items will be shipped as Duties and Taxes paid, but this is only guaranteed on orders over £250 in value, some packages under this threshold may be charged additional VAT. Purchaser will need to raise with their countries service if this is the case (see note 3) Live
In 2021 / 2022 In 2021 / 2022 Item will be sold without VAT, but VAT and Duty will be calculated and charged at import. Customers can opt in to pay VAT/Duty in advance at checkout via Zonos app (see note 2 for more details) Live



Note 1:
Customers who ordered in 2020 and have the item shipped in 2021 will not incur VAT or Duty at the time of shipping. This will be billed back to Prototypist if applicable, and delivery will take place as normal. This will be achieved by shipping all items as 'Duty and Taxes Paid' with DHL, rather than the standard 'Delivery at Place'. Shipping items in this manner puts the exporting company as the responsible party for any fees raised during import to EU countries. 


Note 2:
Zonos applet has been implemented for EU customers to keep things as seamless as possible. You will see prices excluding VAT, and add them to your cart as such. However, Zonos will calculate the duties and VAT you would have to pay and provide the option to add them to your cart at checkout. This means you are paying the same as you would have done in 2020, but with an extra step. Packages will then be shipped as 'Duties and Taxes Paid' as per Note 1.


Note 3:
For 2022 we are still shipping all pre-Brexit orders as duties and taxes paid. All orders shipped so far have billed Prototypist correctly, however there have been a small number of orders valued under £250 where the customer has been billed as well. As Prototypist has paid VAT twice on these orders (once at time of purchase and once at time of shipment), we can no longer guarantee that these shipments will not incur additional fees even where we pay the VAT and dutes during export as well. During investigation it appears that this is down to certain EU countries discretion and will be something the customer needs to pick up with local authorities as we cannot act on your remit due to Data Protection. It is not affecting order values over £250 in value at present (24th Jan 2021).