Covid-19, Keeping safe and Keyboards

Folks, Covid-19 is here. It's not pretty, and it’s not much fun. I want to talk about a few things here; but first of all - Please stay safe! Follow your local government rules and CDC guidance as best you can.

I've been asked a few questions about how Covid-19 will affect the community, the hobby, me and proto[Typist]; and I wanted to address some of those concerns. I apologise in advance for what is a Wall of Text but there is a TL;DR at the bottom!!

Please rest assured that I am actively monitoring the Coronavirus situation and taking full precautions. For me that means working from home for both the day job and for proto[Typist]. Over the coming weeks and months, we are likely to see some impacts in the community; whether that be some of our friends get sick (or know people that do), or that we spend more time together on discord and other online social avenues.

Its easy to let the frustrations of the impact Covid-19 is having in the real world affect your online presence - but we need to be there for each other. Let’s support each other, remember that we don’t have to take the same side on a discussion to be friends, and that disagreeing with someone does not need to be an argument. Celebrate the good things about our online friendships, and let the things that frustrate or upset us pass by the wayside. We are in this together.

This hobby has an amazing community - that’s the biggest reason its thriving right now. That community won’t go away. It will be there and be bolstered by events like this; and will grow over time as well. Use these Social Distancing times to forge new friendships across the community and wider - lets leverage the best thing about the internet (even if Netflix is lowering bandwidth in the EU....).

For proto[Typist] things will continue. The economy will recover, and I have a ton of projects I want to share. I'm not in this to make huge profits and never have been. I'm in this to share my passions, projects, designs and ideas - as well as allow people access to other ideas and projects from other vendors and designers where possible.

I appreciate sales might be lower.
I appreciate waiting times might be longer.
I appreciate every one of you folks who has read this, seen one of my streams or chatted with me on social media.
Even if we have never spoken and you have supported my content in some way, shape or form - thank you.

In the short term there will be some more Group Buys coming. I can't announce details of them all just yet; but GMK Bleached, Sakura660, Lodestone, J-01, GMK Alchemy, and others are planned. As Covid-19 response and impacts unfold, things like dates, timings and lead times for all of these projects may change. I'll keep you updated of course.

For now though - please stay safe. Follow your local government guidelines and be well.


TL;DR - Be good to each other, stay safe and follow government advice, there is lots of good stuff coming!