To help budding designers of keycap sets, and people who provide rendering services, Proto[Typist] is making render files available for our most popular boards.

These files are free to use for render purposes only, and must be credited as directed for each file. They can not be used for production, engineering or re-production purposes. Any use without the proper credit may result in these files being removed from public availability.

By downloading these files you agree to:

  • Not share the files directly, but point others to this page,
  • Not to re-produce, manufacture or re-create these files as physical samples
  • To only use these files for serious interest checks; not for memes or jokes
  • To include the correct credits for the platform posted to (i.e. Insta account if posted on insta, or written credit on GeekHack)

Any use outside of these cases requires permission from Proto[Typist] keyboards prior to publication.

You can render these boards in any colour combination you like, but I've included Group Buy colours where applicable.

For permission for any other use case please email or reach out via discord.

Files available:

J-01 Rev 1 - Coming Soon

J-02 - Credit to Proto[Typist] Keyboards

  • E-White with Copper mid piece / Pen rail
  • Black with Brass mid piece / Pen rail
  • Space Grey with Brass mid piece / Pen rail

Standard version

WKL version

HHKB version

    Design by Jae, CAD by James (AKB)


      Lodestone - Credit to Jae & Flex, FLX x Proto[Typist]

      • Orange top with Space Grey base
      • Lime Green top with Space Grey base

      Standard version

       Design by Jae and Flex


      J-01 (Original) - Credit to Proto[Typist] Keyboards

      • Black with Brass mid piece / Pen rail

      Standard Version

      Design by Jae


      Plate Files:
      Plate files are for personal use only, and should not be modified nor produced for profit or production without prior agreement via email (

      J-01 ANSI
      J-01 ANSI (Split Space)
      J-01 ISO

      J-02 ANSI
      J-02 ISO

      Allison & Matilda - Design, file and credits owned by MrPetrov. Posted with permission.

      Plate Files:

      Gasket Files

      Notes on Gasket Files:

      • Matilda - two of the same gasket are needed
      • Allison - Two of the same gasket are needed, but one is flipped on installation. If using adhesive you need one gasket with adhesive on the top, one with adhesive on the base.


      PT60 & PT80 PCBs

      Both come pre flashed with the standard layout and will work with VIAL. For VIA compat please flash the files linked below;
      PT60 VIA compatible file is here:

      PT80 VIA conpatible file is here: