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QK60 is a 60% gasket-mount wireless mechanical keyboard DIY kit launched as the 2nd product by Qwertykeys, consisting of a CNC acrylic/aluminum top, a CNC aluminum bottom, and a stainless steel weight. Highlighting the aesthetics of contrasts between materials and textures, we aim to bring a robust product to the sub-$200USD small form factor market.

This design originates from portability since most keyboards we see in the customs today are too heavy to be carried around. Not to mention we also need to bring the carrying bag to protect them.

Aesthetics is another important element to most of us in this hobby thus cannot be compromised. The biggest challenge in this design is how to minimize the presence of gasket socks and screw holes under the translucent top and to maintain the same feeling of quality and sturdiness that reminisces QK65 while being plastic. QK60 inherited the spirit of QK65 by combining the pros of different materials altogether.

That’s why we chose the acrylic top, aluminium bottom case, and a stainless steel weight for QK60. With the advantage of all these materials, we wish to present to you a portable project with eye-catching contrasts and wireless features.


QK60 consists of three parts: top case, bottom case and weight. We picked sandblasted acrylic over PC for the top case since it is more translucent and less prone to minor scratches and dents.

We also extended the processing time to minimize the possible deformation of the top case during CNC and make the final product looks more premium.

Two options are available for the acrylic top case. Depending on your preference, you can make it smokey or clear. It adds a hint of foggy vibe to the bottom case with the matte surface. From the sides, QK60 presents a contrast of different textures, colours, and materials.

For customers who prefer the traditional metal top case, there are also two aluminium top cases available for choice: anodized black and electrophoresed ice white.

Whats Included:

- Top Case (alu or acrylic) in HHKB, WK or WKL
- Alu Bottom Case 
- SS Weight
- Plate (choice of materials)
- PCB and DB (choice of PCB's)
- Battery

Kit Options:

Each kit type reflects the most popular choices at Group Buy. Some kits have only small numbers of units available, so please order early to avoid disappointment.

Kit Top Case Bottom Case Weight PCB Plate
Kit 1 White WK Black Chroma Wired Black ALU
Kit 2 White WKL Pink White Wired Pink ALU
Kit 3 Smokey WK Burgundy Black Wired Burgundy ALU
Kit 4 Smokey WKL Black Chroma Wired Black ALU
Kit 5 Black WK Mint Black Wired Mint ALU
Kit 6 Black WKL Pink Black Wired Pink ALU
Kit 7 Clear WK Ice White White Wired PC
Kit 8 White WKL Mint White Wireless 2u PC
Kit 9 Smokey HHKB Lavender Black Wired Lavender Alu
Kit 10 White WK Ice White Chroma Wired POM



As this is an In Stock item please do not add items from group buys to this order as it will delay your orders shipping till everything is available.

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