Weekly Update - 1st May 2020

Weekly Update - 1st May 2020

Live Group Buys

  • Infinikey Graen is waaaay past MOQ and finishes today 1st May.
  • Candybar R2.1 Final day - May 1st!
  • Infinikey Pastel is Live and finishes on the 8th May!!
  • GMK Bleached ALL KITS WILL BE MADE - GB finishes on 9th May.
  • GMK Black Lotus has met MOQ for base! Ends on 8th May.


Concluded Group Buys

  • IDB B-stock one MX-HHKB top remains on the store.
  • J-02 now in production - challenges on magnetic pen rail due to suppliers. Upas has shared pictures of the Cases (see below)
  • KAT Drifter - In production queue
  • Australia CFA Deskmats - 100% SHIPPED!! Extras sometime this week
  • POM Keycaps GB Concluded! Invoice has been paid and production is underway


Other stuff

  • Lodestone Prototype has had some tweaks and is being re-made
  • Midnight Rainbow Launches on Novelkeys, Mykeyboard.eu and Switchkeys in June
  • J-01 redesign is underway, Prototype to be ordered soon, then Group Buy?


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