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Closing Date: December 16th 2022

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Ellipse by Skepur | A curvy 60% keyboard with some nice features

Note from the designer:
Having been in the hobby for a while (since late 2015), I’ve seen plenty of 60% designs, trends and features.
This made me hesitant to do a standard layout design as I didn’t know what to add to the table without the design looking… like a nice rectangle.

Ellipse is my take on the always popular and in-demand 60% keyboard layout. It also marks a new chapter in my journey in keyboard design.
I thought about making Ellipse a bit more… different while still keeping it sleek, modern and versatile.

My goal with Ellipse was to design a board that:

  • Kept in with that “minimal & sleek” look which so many of us like and chase.
  • Set itself apart from other 60% keyboard designs from a “top-down” view.
  • Offer true customizability within a single keyboard for the end-user to experiment and build his own preferred setup.

- Funderburker

Notable features:

  • Lovely and unique elliptic curve to the front and back of the keyboard.
  • Compatibility: designed with long-term support in mind. Compatible with Bakeneko60-like PCBs, open-source plate file availability for all layout options.
  • Case layout options: Winkeyless (WKL) or Winkey (WK).
  • Three mounting styles for end-user to explore:
    • “Hamburger” mount - offering that “old-school” top-mount with softening the upstroke.
    • Isolation gasket mount - everybody likes a tasty sandwich, heh?
    • O-ring mount - keeping up with the trends and that o-so-nice thock.
    • Hybrid mount (Experimental) - "Hamburger" mount in the back, gasket mount in the front and vice-versa.
  • Typing angle: 6 degrees
  • Case materials: Aluminium case w/ brass accent piece.
  • Plate materials: Aluminium; FR4; POM; Carbon Fiber.

Note: Gaskets will come with light adhesive so they will be easily removable/re-apply-able when switching mounting styles.


Whats Included:

  • Ellipse keyboard case - top piece/bottom piece/weight
  • Full aluminium plate in black - ANSI with Tsangan bottom row
  • CK carry case + microfiber cloth
  • All necessary hardware: case screws (8x), plate screws (6x), DB screws (4x), gaskets (8x), gummy O-ring (duro - 50A (1x), "hamburger" O-rings
  • PCB (1x - solderable OR hot-swap, depending on your choice) & DB with JST cable (1x)
  • Custom die-cut bumpons/feet (4x)


Optional Addons:

Available HERE

  • Extra plate options:
    • Black full & half aluminium plates
    • Full & half carbon fiber plates
    • Full POM plate
    • Full FR4 plate
  • Extra DB & JST cable kit
  • Optional foam dampening kit
  • Extra PCBs - both solderable and hot-swap variants
  • Extra bumpons/feet
  • Extra gaskets
  • Extra gummy O-rings
  • Extra "hamburger" O-rings kit


Regional Vendors:

  • UK - Proto[typist]
  • OCE - Daily Clack
  • Europe - Oblotzky Industries
  • Asia - ilumKB
  • USA - CannonKeys




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