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Closing Date: October 9th 2023

Expected Shipping time: Q4 2023


Note: WKL Option has been discontinued

What Is The 1+1 Series?

"1+1" means "IQUNIX + You", IQUNIX basic layout + your individual needs = Super 1+1 Series.
1+1 can be equal to WKL, 75%, FRL, 96%, full size, and other layouts.
The latest launch is 1+1 = TKL, a gasket mount keyboard kit with 89 keys layout, crafted from full aluminium.
IQUNIX SUPER 1+1 conveys a fusion of premium engineering, timeless minimalist design,
and limitless creative possibilities built for visionaries by visionaries.
Where will inspiration strike next? The open road awaits.

Design Features:

     The IQUNIX Super 1+1 primary colour scheme cleverly divides the top covers of the main key area, navigation keys, and arrow keys into three contrasting colour zones, and the red, blue, and white mixed colours, add a unique design effect to the entire keyboard and retro vibe.
    Furthermore, we offer three solid colour design options to meet the diverse preferences of consumers, allowing users to find their preferred style.

    Premium Crafted

    The whole barebone kit is composed of 7 individual metal parts, each intricately CNC machined from premium aluminuim and costing lots of time. We never compromise on quality and design.

    Unique Antenna Module

    In general, metal materials will interfere with keyboard signals. Our unique antenna module design enhances the 2.4 GHz/Bluetooth signal for a smooth typing experience even at long distances.

    Gasket Mount

    1+1 TKL is a gasket mount keyboard kit. The rubber gaskets help reduce ping and vibration, providing a softer feel and deeper sound when typing. And it also makes customization and building easier.

    Hot Swappable

    1+1 TKL offers three PCB options, and they're all hot-swappable, allowing you to easily swap out your preferred mechanical switches on your keyboard without any soldering or technical expertise.

    Tri-Mode Connectivity

    We're committed to the original design. Our tri-mode driver is independently developed for an efficient, intuitive, user-friendly experience. You can set up and personalize your keyboard easily with IQUNIX Firmware

    Long-Lasting Battery

    The 1+1 TKL will come with two 2000mAh Li-ion batteries included in the kit. It can last up to 3000 hours for the tri-mode version with Bluetooth connected and all backlighting turned off, including the indicator light.

    About The Case

    • Case Materials: Aluminium
    • Case Colour: Pure White, Creamy White, Alice Blue, Primary
    • Case Craft: E-coating

    Three PCB Options:

    • Tri-mode ANSI-WK Hotswap PCB with RGB (IQUNIX firmware) 
    • Tri-mode ISO-WK Hotswap PCB with RGB (IQUNIX firmware) 
    • Wired Hotswap PCB (QMK firmware, Compatible with ANSI-WK/WKL and ISO WK/WKL)
      About the Plate:

      We have not yet confirmed whether the ANSI/ISO layout and other split-keys will be compatible on one plate, or whether different plates will be matched for different PCB options. 

      But we will confirm the plates' compatibility before production. So the customers can buy with any PCB during the GB. They will definitely be able to build their keyboard when they receive it.


      Customers who place their orders within the first 7 days will receive one WK Themed keycap set as a gift.
      Choose from these options and add it as a note to your order at checkout
      • WK- ANSI Keycaps
      • WK- ISO DE Keycaps
      • WK- ISO NOR Keycaps
      • WK- ISO UK Keycaps
      • Aluminium Case
      • Gasket Mount
      • PCB-Mount Stabilizers
      • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1 / 2.4GHz / USB-C
      • Dimension: 377mm * 128mm * 22mm (front height)
      • Typing angle: 6.5°
      • Software: IQUNIX Firmware / QMK Firmware
      • Case Weight: approx. 1.24kg
      • Default Package Weight: approx.2.85kg
      What's Included:
      • Keyboard Case x1
      • PCB x1
      • FR4 Plate x1
      • Coiled Cable (Type-C) x1
      • PCB-mount Stabilizers Kit x1
      • Foam Kit x1 (IXPE Switch Pad, Poron PCB Foam, Poron Bottom Case Foam, IXPE Bottom Case Foam)
      • Manual x 1
      • Screws Set x1
      • Screwdriver x1
      • Switch Puller x1
      • Please note the default keyboard kit does NOT include keycaps and switches.
      • A 2.4G USB receiver and two 2000mAh Li-ion Polymer Batteries will be included if you choose the Tri-mode PCB.
      • USA: Cannonkeys & KeebsForAll 
      • CA: Deskhero
      • EU: Keygem
      • UK: Proto Typist
      • Ph: ZionStudios
      • JP: Yushakobo
      • Taiwan: Inpad
      • AU: Keeb N Cables
      • VN: The Keebs Store
      • Worldwide: IQUNIX

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      These products are set to be shipped out in Q4 2023 but please check our updates for the latest information.

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