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Closing Date: June 1st 2024
Expected Shipping time: Q1 2025 


What goes around, comes back around

Two years ago, the initial debut of PLAY TRAY was met with positive reception - in a hobby where we yearn for excess amounts of anodized aluminium, a premium multi-purpose tray with a novel 'spin' was more than welcome.

For those who have been waiting for its return, we have good news. The desktop novelty has made its way back around; this time with a number of updates to warrant Play Tray V2.

With round, oversized fillets and a new plump kettlebell profile, V2 has a cleaner and softer aesthetic.

Play Tray V2 features a lid over the centre compartment that friction-fits into place, hiding any stowaway screws and parts. In addition, the lid doubles as a separate magnetized mini-me tray, perfect for building keyboards with multiple screw types.

If you have multiple trays, they now stack securely on top of each other with aligned grooves in the base. Die-cut feet from V1 have been upgraded to injection-moulded filleted rubber feet.

Of course, we've made sure the backstory is alive and well: V2 includes the option to be engraved* with a newly-illustrated feline friend, nestled within the inner surface of the tray. Hidden beneath the cover is a cute kitten snuggled comfortably into a ball! 

Engraving option is only available with certain anodization colour choices (black, pink, lilac). Illustrated by Shannie.



Some core aspects to PLAY TRAY remain the same with this version:

  • Solid 6063 Aluminum, Anodized
  • Custom injection-molded ring feet
  • 14mm stainless-steel bearing (one included)
  • 3 x 10mm, N52 neodymium magnet
  • Inner tray diameter: 50mm, Outer diameter: 96mm, Height: 16.5mm
  • Weight (tray only): ~200g / ~7oz
  • Custom packaging



Regional Vendors



While renders aim to provide an accurate visualization of the actual product colour, the manual anodization process may yield varying results. Please note that renders may appear different depending on several factors, such as lighting conditions, monitor accuracy, etc. We will do our best to provide units that are flawless and consistent within reason on areas that are visible once assembled; note that anodized aluminium may have natural / random grain patterns. 

In addition, due to the nature of this product, wear and tear is expected. Screws, steel hardware, and the steel bearing will all eventually mark the anodized finish of the tray. Enjoy and embrace the way your product wears! 


Shipping Time and GB Agreements (PLEASE READ):
These keycaps are set to be shipped out in Q1 2025 

Please note that this is a Group Buy. There can be delays and set backs. The timeline is only an estimate. By adding this item to your cart and purchasing you agree that you understand everything above. You will be charged immediately for this item. There are no refunds or cancellations on these orders. Please do not purchase this item with other group buys. Only the items specified in each product picture are included with that particular product.

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