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Closing Date: October 16th 2022

Expected Shipping time: Q2 2023

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From the designers:

The inspiration came from the board’s unique feature of having multiple mounting-styles, providing different typing experience and sounds based on how the user configures it.
This board is pretty much a “shapeshifter”, and I reckon you would agree too after looking through this post? 
Hence, our favorite Norse God, Loki came to mind and became part of this project. (Any Viking fans around? Norse Mythology?)

Designed by Nedzc27 and Calvinkb


Important links!

Interest Check
Designers Discord
 (Build Guide Available Here)
YouTube (Streamer Builds and Reviews!)


Purchase your add-on items such as additional plates / PCB's here: https://prototypist.net/products/group-buy-loki65-add-ons



PCB Specification:

  • PCB designed by Yiancar,
  • Hot-swap/Soldered
  • RGB Underglow
  • Caps Lock LED indicator
  • 1.6mm thickness
  • VIA/QMK support
  • USB-C connection

Keyboard Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 321mm (length), 122mm (width), 20.5mm (front height)
  • Case Material: Full-CNC Polycarbonate (sandblasted)
  • Case colours: Frosted, Ink Black
  • Weight Material: Brass (sandblasted, clear-coated)
  • Plate Material: PC, FR4, Anodised Aluminum, Brass (sandblasted, clear-coated)
  • Badge Material: Anodised Aluminum, Brass (sandblasted, clear-coated)
  • Typing Angle: 5 degrees
  • Mounting style: At least 3 variations
  • Full-build (alu plate): Approx. 1.35kg

Base Kit Includes:

  • 1 set of Soldered PCB (additional 10USD for the Hot-Swap PCB instead)
  • 1 set of Top and Bottom Case (choose between Frosted and Ink Black),
  • 1 set Brass Weight,
  • 1 set of FR4 Plate,
  • 1 set of Brass 'Runes' Badge,
  • 1 set of Poron Foam Sheet kit (1 thick Case Foam, 1 thin Case Foam, 1 under-PCB Foam, 1 Plate Foam),
  • 1 set of Poron Gasket Strips with adhesive-backing,
  • 1 set of Poron Gasket Strips without adhesive-backing,
  • 1 set of silicone O-rings,
  • 1 set of M2 Washer Screws,
  • 1 set of Allen/Hex key,
  • 1 set of silicone keyboard feet, and
  • Various screws that are installed during assembly after fabrication.

      Group Buy Information:

      • Soft-cap limit: 400 units worldwide
      • Format: First-come, first-served
      • Lead Time: approx. 3 to 6 months after closure of Group Buy
      • US and Canada: Mechs & Co., 150 units allocation
      • Europe: mykeyboard.eu, 50 units allocation
      • UK: Proto[Typist], 50 units allocation
      • Asia and Oceania: Hex Keyboards, 150 units allocation




          Worldwide vendors:



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          These products are set to be shipped out in Q2 2023 but please check our updates for the latest information.

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