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Closing Date: October 16th 2022

Expected Shipping time: Q2-Q3 2023

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Notes from the Designer:

"This project was originally named "Phase", referencing the changes and phases that we can go through. Our perspectives on our current obsessions, hobbies, careers, and / or all of the above can completely change over time in ways that are only seen in hindsight. As I spent dozens to hundreds of hours working on this project, it occurred to me that my time with keyboards was possibly just a phase. It was eventually given the updated moniker "Moment" to preserve its time-focused theme, while avoiding any existing naming conflicts.

Having been over two years since its initial draft, this project now represents the defining Moment where I decided to step deeper into the world of keyboard design. For me, it has now become an important reminder that some seemingly insignificant moments shouldn't be taken for granted - they can become so much more." Justin - jjw


• Layout - 60% (FULL / WKL / HHKB)
• Mount - Half-gasket Isolation
• Materials - Aluminium 6063, Stainless Steel (Sandblasted)
• Weight - 1.7kg / 3.7lbs unbuilt
• Typing Angle - 7°
• Front Height - 17.9mm (22.2mm EKH)

Limited to just 30 units through Prototypist


What's Included?

• Moment Keyboard Case with Sandblasted Steel Weight
• FR4 Full Plate
• Solder or Hotswap PCB
• Daughterboard + JST Cable
• Alignment Pins
• Custom Silicone Feet
• Gaskets
• Hardware (Screws)
• CannonKeys Hard Foam Carrying Case
• Microfiber Cloth

PP Plate Upgrade and other add-ons - select the Upgrade option from the Add-ons list HERE

PCB supports ISO but the standard plates do not. Justin may make plate files available later for you to produce ISO Compatible plates



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