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Closing Date: June 11th 2022

Expected Shipping time: Q4 2022 - Q1 2023


The LZ ErGO is a classic ergonomic design, predating the Alice layout, and drawing inspiration from the "Microsoft natural ergonomic" series. 

Nearfield expands on this by increasing the rotation of the two halves of the alpha cluster, each half is rotated 15 degrees towards the centre of the board.
This increased angle forces the user to widen their elbow stance, and align their hands straighter with their forearms while typing.

Aesthetic design: Aside from the obvious layout homage to the ergo, retaining the nav cluster,
the case design draws inspiration from the M0110 keyboard series from Apple.


Keyboard Information

  • Top mount with an FR4 plate by default, mounting points as shown in plate image above
  • Alternate plate materials: POM, Carbon fibre
  • 3° typing angle
  • 1.25u Winkey blockers
  • Aluminum top and bottom housing
  • QMK and VIAL-compatible JST PCB
  • Unified C3 daughterboard and JST cable
  • unique 5mm thick unibody foot
  • Weight built: 4 lbs 13 oz


Whats included?

  • FR4 plate
  • Nearfield PCB
  • Aluminum cnc machined top case
  • Aluminum cnc machined bottom case
  • Unified C3 daughterboard
  • JST to JST cable
  • unibody foot
  • 2x m2 phillips screws (daughterboard)
  • 13x m4 hex screws (plate and case)



    • Silver anodised Aluminium
    • Black anodised Aluminium
    • E-Beige Aluminum



    Solder PCB Layout 

    Nearfield PCB layout




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