(Group Buy) RAMA WORKS x GMK Oblivion M6-C
(Group Buy) RAMA WORKS x GMK Oblivion M6-C

(Group Buy) RAMA WORKS x GMK Oblivion M6-C

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Closing Date: August 4th 2021
Expected Shipping time: Q1 2022

A small 6-key macro keypad that is fully programmable to suit your needs. The board offers up the best of signature RAMA WORKS® aesthetic. In an effort to foster relationships with beginners and aficionados alike, the M6 requires no soldering thanks to the new Kailh sockets. Although it can be ‘hot-swapped’ without soldering, switches are still plate-mounted for an extra level of stability. 


- Produced by RAMA WORKS®
- Integrated Plate
- In-Switch RGB LED
- Hot Swappable
- QMK firmware, programmable through VIA configurator
- Enamel infilled Git Branch artwork


      1 x Top Enclosure (Aluminium)
      - 1 x Base (Silicone)
      4 x RW Black M3x5 T10 Fixtures
      1 x RW T10 Torx tool
      1 x M6-B PCB with Kailh Sockets & RGB LEDs (designed by Wilba)
      6 x RW LP Keycaps 01
      - 6 x NK_ Silk Yellow Switches (Linear 63.5g), recolored to Oblivion tones
      1 x RW Tool 01 (XO Reset Pin Pusher)
      1 x Black Metal End USB-C to USB-A cable (USB 3.0) (Braided) - 1.5M


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