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Closing Date: June 1st 2023

Expected Shipping time: Q4 2023 


SLK Dessau is designed by Kema, and features the brand new SLK keycap profile. Custom glyphs, immaculately tuned legends, and crisp dyesub come together to make this set truly unique.

We are also extremely happy to be working with Turbulent Labs to offer some artisanal leather items to complete your desk setup. Continue scrolling to learn more about the profile and everything else being offered in the GB!

A knob by Protozoa Studios and artisan by Hibi are also being offered! The knob is anodised aluminium, and the Hibi cap is anodised aluminium with a clear resin in the top. 

Following prototyping the Hibi cap no longer has a clear resin top.

Introducing the SLK Profile
The SLK Profile is a modern, low profile keycap profile designed by Synth Labs and produced by FK Caps. It is uniform, and features a rounded dish at the top of the 1.5mm thick cap.


Turbulent Labs
In collaboration with Turbulent Labs, we are pleased to be offering several items to go with SLK Dessau, or your current desk setup. They are well known in the audiophile community for their high quality headphone headbands and accessories made from imported Italian leather. We will be offering coasters, deskmats, and wrist rests in this GB.

You can check out their products HERE



Shipping Time and GB Agreements (PLEASE READ):
These products are set to be shipped out in Q4 2023 but please check our updates for the latest information.

Please note that this is a Group Buy. There can be delays and set backs. The timeline is only an estimate. By adding this item to your cart and purchasing you agree that you understand everything above. You will be charged immediately for this item. There are no refunds or cancellations on these orders. Please do not purchase this item with other group buys. Only the items specified in each product picture are included with that particular product.

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