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As keyboard enthusiasts, we would like to use our keyboards every day. 65% layout keyboards are easy to use, and symmetrical layouts such as HHKB do better on the aesthetic aspect, but do that at the cost of convenience. That's why we came up with AM Compact Touch (65 Less)*.

This mechanical keyboard takes the convenience of 65% and simplifies it into a new symmetric shape. An innovative Touch Panel replaces the Layer 1 arrow keys, right there at your thumb. And an adjustable leaf spring to perfectly match your typing style. Everything you need from a daily driver, combined into a sleek package.


A single Touch Panel to replace 4 arrow keys

Replacing the arrow keys with a custom Touch Panel allows us to achieve a symmetrical shape while retaining the major usage habit you'd get from a 65% layout keyboard.

Sliding your finger to operate the arrow keys provides you with an intuitive feel that simply pressing a button cannot achieve.

The placement of the Touch Panel is perfectly within reach of your thumbs. You can easily operate the Touch Panel without removing your index fingers from the F and J keys. Something impossible with physical arrow keys.

You can also swipe and hold to control the volume or fast fwd/rwd your favorite videos. It allows you to truly immerse yourself in a new touch experience.

By taking advantage of the Touch Panel, AM Compact Touch is about 11% more compact than an ordinary 65% layout keyboard. This leaves plenty of free space on your desk, and also gives you additional space for your mouse.

Unlike with resistive touch technology, capacative touch panels require a lot of software optimization to provide a satisfying initutive feel. Therefore, we spent over three months perfecting the software.

Two-stage adjustable leaf spring for 8 typing combos

Two-stage adjustable leaf spring mount packed into a compact body. With an adjustable rebound, two different leaf spring materials (phosphorus copper and stainless steel), an adjustment pad, 8 different typing combos are possible without changing out your switches or plate.

A compact design, symmetrical aesthetics, and a satisfying feel and sound. AM Compact Touch has it all.
* For better consistency, we recommend using stainless steel leaf springs in the bottom positions.

Inspired by Back to the Future

There's nothing like the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future.

Black and silver complement the sharp lines of the DMC-12, a striking mix between vintage and futurism.

The silver-black color scheme of AM Compact Touch aims to take you back to the 80s. But as soon as your thumb slides over the Touch Panel, the latest tech is at your fingertips. That's the power of AM Compact Touch.

Choose the color that suits you

The contrasting colors of Back to the Future opened up our inspiration for many more colorways.

We chose a palette of amazing colors and combined them with a unique symmetrical design. AM Compact Touch is the perfect foundation for your keycap choices.

The contrasting colors of purple, dark gray and light gray are perfect for matching with a wide variety of keycaps. 

DIY blocker lighting modules

At the left and right side blockers, 4 independent high-brightness RGB LEDs are built-in, which are matched with an independent controller.* Exactly what you need to express yourself.
* The blocker RGB lighting module is only visible on the Laser and Mech Love color variants. It's covered on other color variants.

Laser's lighting effect takes its inspiration from Tesla's Cybertruck. Project 90 degrees of lighting directly from its lighting cut-outs, just like on the real thing.

With the removable cover, plenty of free space and custom lighting modules, the possibilities of expressing yourself are endless.

Standard Edition
Back to the Future
This colorway takes its inspiration from the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future, and is matched with our BUGERWORKS collab "Back to the Future" Keycap Set. With its anodized surface finish, the Back to the Future colorway stands out with its retro-futuristic vibe.

Night Drive
Inspired by hacker Lucy from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Night Drive combines anodizing and electrophoresis, to provide a unique purple contrast between its two different surface textures.

All Black
Anodized black and gray surfaces for a black finish that's as deep as the night.

This colorway takes its inspiration from the Famicom gaming console. We matched it with JTK Classic FC keycaps. Its finished in an off-white and deep red combo with electrophoretic surface treatment.

Hard Candy
This colorway takes its inspiration from the Japanese anime character Cinnamoroll. Domikey created a matching custom keycap set with us. We used electrophoresis to reproduce the classic pink, white and blue cotton candy-like color combination.

Special RGB Edition
Inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck. Blocker RGB lighting projects 90 degrees of lighting directly from its unibody shape, much like the headlights on the Cybertruck.

Mech Love
This colorway was inspired by XBOT-4000 from Love Death + Robots. Blocker RGB lighting projects yellow from the cross and blue from the square. The retro finish is unique to each individual board. 


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