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  • Bespoke split, ergo keyboard
  • designed and manufactured to a high standard

Please read more information about the keyboard on the AM website here:

The world's first organically shaped wireless·3D·split ergo


Why Hatsu
Why there still is nobody using highly-advanced 5-axis simultaneous CNC machining and the fastest wireless solution available to create a keyboard that not only looks amazing but also relieves neck and shoulder pain?
Because there's nobody who has ever put technology and experience above cost when building a keyboard.
However, Angrymiao believes there are people out there who understand its value.

Inspired by Westworld
Cutting-edge materials are combined with advanced wireless technology whose latency is almost unmeasurable... Even in the futuristic world of Westworld, its existence makes perfect sense.

A small learning curve for lifelong health
This keyboard layout, which has been used by professional programmers for more than 20 years, has finally been given dimension by us.
When using the keyboard, there's no need to flatten the wrist or pronate the forearm. With ergonomics at its core, AM HATSU is not only very different from traditional keyboards, it also features an unconventional 4x6 layout. By spending just a few minutes to get familiar with the keyboard, you gain lifelong protection of your wrist and shoulder health.

Artwork-level 3D curved machining
Aerospace-level 5-axis CNC machining is used to craft the complex three-dimensional curved metal body of the AM HATSU.
Every keyboard comes with a specialized signature unique to each unit.

Place three wireless devices randomly without compromising on connection stability
Although the left and right parts of the keyboard are separated, we developed an innovative new way to connect 3 devices (2 keyboards and input device) simultaneously over two wireless communication protocols.
By using an advanced low-frequency communication protocol between the left and right keyboards, the keyboard is immune from interference from other devices, even on the messiest desks.
This ensures the best performance when it comes to power consumption, anti-interference ability and latency.


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