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Relic 80 Story

"Archeology as we imagine it is only of the past, but what if I could create an archeology of the future, and project these contemporary objects into a distant future?" These words, spoken by artist Daniel Arsham, ignited our inspiration during the design process of Relic 80. At Angry Miao, we are committed to fostering a future art community. Our goal is for people to perceive our products as embodiments of 'future designs'. Relic 80 embodies such a classic aesthetic. While maintaining timeless elegance, we aim to capture its essence in a creative and distinct manner that reflects its future potential. However, this has proven challenging. That was until we discovered the remarkable work of Daniel Arsham.

Given the already established and well-recognized nature of 80% keyboard design, some may argue for preserving its classic identity. Imagine if individuals from a distant future were to stumble upon the keyboards that we use today. They might be surprised to find them strikingly similar to their contemporary counterparts, distinguished only by the patina of time.

Therefore, we present to you the AM Relic 80. While some might perceive it as a modest design from Angry Miao, this keyboard stands as a tribute from a millennium ahead.


Design Features:

  • Eroded design inspired by "Brillo Box", a futuristic relic designed by artist Daniel Arsham.
  • Upper and lower case corner RGB lighting with diamond pattern.
  • CNC machined metal body.
  • 80% layout keyboard available in WKL (winkeyless) and TKL (tenkeyless) variants.
  • 19mm front height and 8° typing angle for a comfortable typing experience without wrist rest.
  • Customizable in-switch RGB lighting.



            • CNC machined metal body, with a top cover that takes 4 hours to craft.
            • The edges are machined using a ball cutter to recreate the eroded design elements.
            • Internal structure of 8 layers total, to guarantee a satisfying typing sound.
            • 1.2mm 4-layer hotswap PCB with cutouts allows users to change switches at will.
            • FR4 plate with cutouts for a soft and consistent typing feel.
            • PET film, an IXPE 8 switch pad and Poron pads for a better sound keyboard.
            • Poron foam is placed at the bottom to minimize vibration and hollow sound.


                        3-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount (12 combos total)

                        • Inspired by coilover suspension seen on modified cars, the adjustable leaf spring mount allows users to modify keyboard flex with a total 12 different typing combos.
                        • Two different types of leaf springs are provided: Phosphorus copper (for a softer typing feel) and stainless steel (for a harder typing feel). The leaf springs provide 3 stages of hardness adjustments, with respective adjustment levels of 3.5mm, 2mm and 0.5mm. To provide three different types of feel, PORON pads with different thicknesses are provided with the keyboard.
                        • Aside from adjusting the 3 leaf spring gears from soft to hard, rebound stiffness can be adjusted by switching between the two different leaf-spring materials: Phosphorus copper and stainless steel. In addition, conventional adjustment solutions, such as two sets of adjustment pads and an additional bottom pad, are also provided for mixing and matching. The firmest typing feel can be achieved through adding all the pads. Removing all the pads results in the softest feel and touch.



                        • Tri-mode ready: low latency 2.4G hardware support built-in, to be enabled through a software update. An additional 2.4G receiver will be provided in the future as well.
                        • Bluetooth 5.1 and USB-C wired connectivity are available out of the box and support seamless automatic switching.
                        • Wireless charging using the Qi protocol. Works great in combination with CYBERMAT.



                        Case Colour

                        • Chalk White
                          • White e-coat (electrophoretic painting) finish. It has the matte texture and delicate feel of marble that has been naturally weathered for thousands of years.
                        • Basalt Black
                          • Anodized black finish. When RGB lighting is disabled, the tinted case corner RGB lighting perfectly integrates with the anodized black colour of the keyboard case. Turn on RGB lighting to reveal the shining diamond pattern on the inside.
                        • Meteor
                          • Anodized light brown finish. Just like meteorites, an anodized light brown colour is not something you see every day.


                        • WKL and TKL
                        • Relic 80 is available in WKL (winkeyless) and TKL (tenkeyless) variants.
                        • WKL (winkeyless): excludes Win/Cmd key (can be assigned to any other key through Angry Miao's DIY site). Classic yet retro, popular with keyboard enthusiasts.
                        • TKL (tenkeyless): includes two Win/Cmd keys. More conventional, convenient for daily use.

                        Optional Stepped Caps Lock

                        • To further add to the versatility of the 80% keyboard layout, support for a stepped Caps Lock is available.



                        • Weight: Base Kit 2.0kg / Bundle 2.25kg
                        • Layout: 80%
                        • Typing Angle:
                        • Mount: 3-stage adjustable leaf spring
                        • Drivers: No additional drivers required, supports N-key rollover
                        • Layout/Lighting Configuration: Configurable on Windows/macOS
                        • Switch Mounting Style: Hot-swappable
                        • Connectivity: Tri-mode: 2.4G (to be added later), Bluetooth 5.1, wired
                        • Indicators: Case corner RGB lighting and Caps Lock indicator
                        • USB Port: USB 2.0, Type-C, supports USB-C to USB-C
                        • Battery: Lithium polymer 5000mAh *2, 10000mAh total (typical)
                        • Qi Wireless Charging: Wireless charging 5W
                        • Power consumption: 4W



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