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Boog75 - The Enthusiasts' Gaming Keyboard

Utilise Boog75 for precise control in every gaming situation

BOOG75, a magnetic switches variant of our popular ZOOM75. Available in a black or white case (New colour design for BOOG75), BOOG75 offers a unique gaming experience with our new magnetic switches.

    Perfect for FPS enthusiasts, BOOG75 ensures precision and style for every gaming situation.

    Choose your BOOG75, and enhance your game – BOOG75, where customization meets performance.

    A free wooden wrist rest just for the first three days

    Limited quantity of free gifts, available until they run out.


    Magnetic Switch

    Traditional mechanical keyboards require pressing the switch and reaching the actuation point to activate a key. In contrast, magnetic switches operate differently. They comprise a bottom Hall sensor and an upper magnet. When a key is pressed, changes in the distance within the sensing magnetic field lead to a fluctuation in current. Activation is determined by evaluating the strength of the induced current.

    Additionally, automatic calibration via the Baseline Calibration algorithm ensures no abnormal functions due to temperature, humidity, magnetic differences, etc.


    Adjustable Activation Point

    Boog75 magnetic enables you to gain the upper hand in game.

    Our Boog75 enables key activation at distances as short as 0.1mm. You can customize the activation point for each key, ranging from 0.1mm to 4.0mm. Find the ideal key travel distance that suits
    you best.


    Rapid Trigger

    Utilizing the unique traits of magnetic switches, key activation and reset are determined by the distance travelled rather than fixed points. This precision enables keys to activate upon pressing and reset upon release, facilitating seamless consecutive key presses. This capability empowers you to swiftly execute a series of actions during gaming.


    Per-Key RGB

    We support setting different RGB light effects.


    Custom Profiles for different games

    We support setting up 3 different profiles to support you to quickly jump between different games.

    Keyboard Specifications:

    • Gasket Mount Design
    • 75% Layout
    • PCB: 1.6mm, with Ai03 DB
    • 5° Typing angle
    • 22.14 mm front height
    • Dimension: 323.6 x 145.78 x 34.73 (mm)
    • Default plate: Alu
    • Case Material: 6063 Aluminium
    • Case Finish: Anodised+Infill (No Sparkles, No Chamfer)
    • Backplate and External Weight: Anodised+Infill
    • Switches Type: Gateron KS37B
    • The Orientation of the Switches: North Facing
    • No SS Internal Weight
    • Boog 75 Wired Polling Rate: 1000hz
    • QMK or VIA Support: No, customization requires to use of our independent driver.
    • Total weight: About 3kg

    Keycap Specifications:

    • Manufacturer: WS PBT
    • Keycap Material: Doubleshot PBT
    • Keycap Thickness: 1.6mm
    • Keycap Profile: Cherry
    • Keys QTY: 81 keys

    Switch Specifications:

    • Product Name: GATERON KS-37B Magnetic Hall Sensor Keyboard Switch
    • Initial Force:30±10gf.
    • Total travel:4.0±0.2mm.
    • Operation Lifetime:150,000,000 Cycles.
    • Bottom Force: 50±10gf.
    • Top Housing Material: Thermoplastic, Transparent
    • Bottom Housing Material: Thermoplastic, Red
    • Stem Material: Thermoplastic, Red
    • Spring Material: Stainless steel


    • Dual-rail structure for stability.
    • Square magnet design, with freely adjustable magnetic pole orientation. Supports multi-directional Hall effect sensing.
    • Extending the stem for better switch stability.
    • Integrated spotlight lens design, enhancing light guidance.
    • Every switch features a very tight housing and a very good coat of factory lube. No need to spend hours and hours lubing switches, they are good to go off the pack!

    Kit Contents:

    Fully Assembled Keyboard, including:

    1. Top and bottom cases
    2. HE Module(Magnetic Switch, Plate, Gasket, Sound absorbing foam, and PCB)
    3. Case foam
    4. The themed keycaps
    5. Tool accessories




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