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Kit includes keyboard, aluminium full plate, PCB + Daughterboard, carrying case & microfiber cloth, 50A O-ring, assembly hardware, misc. documentation. HHKB layout kits include 2 o-ring standoffs and mounting hardware.

  • Layout: 60% (Full / WKL / HHKB)
  • Typing angle: 6.5 degrees
  • PCB: Custom Zed60 by Mechlovin'
  • Materials: Aluminium 6063, Stainless Steel 304
  • Weight: ~1200g / 2.70 lbs unbuilt
  • Front Height: varies (22.4mm EKH)
  • Mounting: O-ring gasket mount / Top mount / Relief top mount

To add extras such as plates, PCBs, gasket kits and o-rings to your order, click here.

Mechlovin' Zed60 Compatibility

Derivative uses a custom JST position, so the chassis is not guaranteed to be compatible with other common PCBs. The plates available in this group buy are ANSI compatible and do not support ISO layouts.

Change is the only constant

Derivative R0 originally ran in December of 2021 as an exclusive in-stock sale, featuring a new curved front-lip design and stunning 'dirty champagne' anodization. It's since garnered enough interest to warrant an official re-release featuring several key design refinements. This R1 revision includes a newly-proportioned weight design, reworked corner transitions, an interior facelift, and a slew of new color options.


Designed to be differentiated

Derivative was designed to be a graceful balance between classic keyboard aesthetics and unique visual cues. Novel elements come together to create a distinct identity. A fresh & multi-faceted side profile, a subtle yet always-visible convex front-lip, and an inset two-piece weight with contrasting finishes are core concepts to the exterior design.


Function, and form

While not exactly unlimited, Derivative provides excellent versatility by offering three mounting methods with distinct tactile and acoustic properties: o-ring gasket mount, top mount, and relief mount. In addition, several options for o-ring hardness allow for an even finer level of tuning towards your preferred typing feel and sound.



Quality Expectations

Quality Control: There shall be no visible markings on external surfaces after the keyboard has been built. Internal surfaces are not considered during quality control inspection. Due to the nature of mirror-polished stainless steel, polished parts will be inspected to the best of our ability. There may be minor, unavoidable hairline / micro scratches and markings on the mirror finish. Regardless, these markings will inevitably be picked up naturally with day-to-day use. 

Anodization: Product renders may attempt to reproduce accurate portrayals of the anodized colors, but may not be entirely reliable. The perceived tone, brightness, and saturation of anodized aluminum can change suddenly with different lighting and angles. 


As this is an In Stock item please do not add items from group buys to this order as it will delay your orders shipping till everything is available.

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