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DRY STUDIO was established in Tokyo by Angry Miao product designer Stan Fu, aiming to bring advanced niche designs at an approachable price. Black Diamond 75 is born out of the design team's passion for supercars and mechanical keyboards. 

There are many good gaming keyboards and fine typing keyboards out there, but none of them strike an excellent balance. The Black Diamond 75 exactly does this, with a leaf spring mount, a 2.4G end-to-end wireless latency of 2ms and DRY STUDIO x Gateron co-developed esports switches. And combines that with a design inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado from MANSORY.


Inspired by Lamborghini "Black Diamond"

Inspired by the modified all-carbon Lamborghini Aventador - the MANSORY Carbonado - also known as the "Black Diamond". A unique and fierce shape. This is what we aim to bring to your desk.

Custom shape. Carbon fiber material. Hand-polished PMMA acrylic with increased hardness exposes the leaf spring internals. And a solid aluminium alloy bottom cover. Just like the rock-hard chassis of a supercar.


Product Features:

  • Esports Level
    • 2ms Latency / 2k Scan Rate / 1k Polling Rate
  • Leaf Spring Mount
  • Custom Esports Switches
    • DRY STUDIO x Gateron
  • Tri-Mode Connectivity
  • Custom Internals
    • Multi Layer Noise Cancellation
  • Ergonomic
    • Built-In Wrist Rest
  • 5000mAh Battery
    • 75 Days Battery Life with 2.4G

Two Colours:


 Black carbon fibre matched with highly-transparent acrylic, and a black internal frame crafted from anodized aluminium alloy.

Midnight blue, black and yellow keycaps. The dark phantom.


Gaming stability. High-strength stainless steel leaf springs for a stronger rebound. 

DRY STUDIO x Gateron co-developed custom esports switches - DR Rapid Ice.

  • 1.0mm actuation travel. Ultra-fast response. High precision, minimum vibration.
  • Factory lubed for maximum consistency.
  • High quality alloy contact points. A lifespan of more than 80 million actuations. The ultimate choice for esports professionals. 
  • 40gf actuation force. 45gf bottom-out force. Supported by stainless steel leaf springs. Perfect for long gaming sessions.


    Anodized silver aluminium matched with highly-transparent acrylic, and an anodized silver internal frame crafted from aluminium alloy.

    R1 to R5 keycap columns that gradually change from black to white. Clean yet exciting.


    Softer typing feel. Phosphorous copper leaf springs for increased elasticity.

    KTT Wine Red switches. Excellent typing feel and sound. Ideal balance between gaming and daily use.

    Built-in Wrist Rest*

    Inspired by the supercar spoiler aerodynamics. Wrist rest built-in for maximum typing comfort. No worrying about front height.

       *Carbon fibre with Carbon, aluminium alloy with Mithril.

      Custom RGB

      81 in-switch LEDs. 4 programmable RGB LEDs* in each corner. Light up the headlights of your Lamborghini on your desk. Powered by Angry Miao.

      *Advance only.


       Esports Grade: Private 2.4G Protocol, 2ms 2.4G Latency

      2.4G, Bluetooth 5.1 and wired connection support. 2.4GHz private protocol from Angry Miao. An end-to-end wireless latency of less than 2ms*.

      *Tested in AM Lab with LED lighting disabled.

      Speed: Effortless, Wired or Wireless

      2000Hz scan rate and a 1000Hz polling rate under 2.4G. No matter wired or wireless. Exactly what a professional gamer needs.

      5000mAh capacity. 75 days battery life* in 2.4G mode.

      *With LEDs disabled, 8 hours of daily usage time and 16 hours of daily standby time.

      Custom Mech Keyboard DNA: Leaf Spring Mount, Multi-Layer Internals for the Best Experience

      World's First Leaf Spring Gaming Keyboard, Custom Typing Feel

      Even for a gaming keyboard, we don't want to compromise on typing comfort. Stable yet durable. Black Diamond 75 is the world's first gaming keyboard with leaf spring mount. Enjoy more flex with ultimate comfort.


      Custom Internals, "HiFi Sound" Potential

      1.6mm hotswap PCB, FR4 plate, IXPE switch pads, Poron foam and a thickened honeycomb silicone pad. Black Diamond 75 delivers an outstanding typing experience.

      • 1.6mm hotswap PCB with RGB. Change switches at will.
      • FR4 plate. Balance between typing feel and stability.
      • IXPE switch pads. Precision cutouts. Improved typing sound. Retains RGB cut-outs.
      • Gateron screw-in stabilizers. Silver plated. Pre-lubed. Higher oxidation resistance.
      • PORON foam. Precisely cut. Minimizes scratchy and hollow typing sounds.
      • Thickened honeycomb silicone pad. Reduces vibration and hollowness. A more solid feel.

      Double Shot PBT Keycaps

      Double shot PBT keycaps included with both colourways. Comfortable to the touch.

      Wireless Charging

      Wireless charging* support. Powered by Angry Miao. Perfect in combination with Angry Miao's CYBERMAT.

      *Advance only.

       Colourway Comparison

      Version Comparison


      Bundle Only (includes keycaps + switches/stabilizers)

      2.4G Receiver

      USB Cable (USB-C to USB-A)

      Configrable Mapping + In-Switch RGB

      Front RGB Lighting

      Wireless Charging

      Advance Bundle

      Base Bundle



      *We use environmentally friendly carton packaging and electronic manuals. Disassembly tools and a carrying case are also excluded. Black Diamond 75 is only available as a Bundle, and only Advance supports RGB front lighting (at the front sides of the built-in wrist rest) and wireless charging.


      Dry Studio x Gateron DR Rapid Ice Switch 

      Custom Made DR Rapid Ice Switch

      • Linear Feel
      • 1mm Ultra-Fast Trigger  
      • 40gf Ultra-Light Actuation Force
      • Custom Esports Switch  
      • Fully Transparent
      • Extended POM Stem

      DR Rapid Ice Switches have 1.0mm actuation travel, which perfectly complements the gaming capabilities of Black Diamond 75. In terms of actuation travel and bottom-out travel, it delivers performance comparable to optical switches. In addition, the actuation force is 40gf and the bottom-out force is 45gf. This makes the switches much easier to use when playing games when compared to ordinary switches. Your fingers will not feel tired even after a long typing session.

      Extend POM stem, excellent feel and sound combo

      To satisfy the needs of esports professionals, and to ensure we strike an excellent balance between typing feel and sound, DR Rapid Ice Switches use an extended switch stem. This switch stem allows for earlier bottoming-out, providing better control while gaming. DR Rapid Ice Switches does this without sacrificing typing sound.

      Factory lubed for higher consistency

      Gateron has over two years of experience in pre-lubing switches. This translates into a quantitative leap in feel and smoothness for the DR Rapid Ice Switch. Mechanical lubrication ensures that each switch is lubed exactly to the same specification. This also rules out any inconsistencies in feel caused by manual lubrication. And saves you a lot of time.

      Minimum vibration, maximum precision

      Gateron used 5 individual DR Rapid Ice Switches to perform its "Initial Contact Vibration Time" testing. With the value 5ms as a qualified standard, DR Rapid Ice Switches manage to achieve a value of 0.048ms to 0.15ms, which means DR Rapid Ice matches the standard of high precision and top performance switches!

      High quality alloy contact points 80+ million actuation lifespan

      DR Rapid Ice Switches use Gateron's latest high-quality alloy contacts, which were first developed by Gateron in 2020. As a result, the DR Rapid Ice Switches are guaranteed to have minimum oxidization, blackening, and fast conduction. No matter how long you use them, and even under the harshest of conditions.

      Sturdy triple-layer metal pins

      To give you more freedom when it comes to replacing switches, DR Rapid Ice Switches are equipped with Gatoron's latest "Enhanced Edition" triple-layer switch pins. These pins have higher strength and improved toughness, making them harder to bend. Since the pins are harder to bend, the switches are less easy to break when removing and re-installing them.



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