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QK65’s body consists of three pieces, with the top case and weight being visible and a bottom case hidden in the sandwich. As the most eye-catching part of a keyboard, the top case is a piece of CNC’d 6063 aluminum alloy with an anodized or electrophoretic finish, like most of the custom keyboards that you’d see on the market today. The weight and the bottom case are where we implemented the idea of mass-production. The weight is a stamped 304 stainless-steel and L-shaped plate with PVD coat of our choices.

Please note that PVD doesn’t equal to mirror-polished. PVD usually refers to glossy surfaces like the weight on Spring, but it is only a coating technique that applies color, similar to anodization or spray-coating.

QK65’s bottom case is a die-cast aluminum piece. It isn’t as precise nor as smooth as the top case, but it can be manufactured at a much faster speed thus enabling us to bring much more inventory than using a CNC bottom case.

To suppress the hollowness, the internal chamber is filled with a large custom-molded silicone dampener. No compromise is acceptable for us when it comes to the acoustic performance. We would not have brought down the cost to the current level without this dedicated choice of structure, materials, and processing techniques

Tri-Mode PCB means Bluetooth, 2,4GHz and USB-C connection possible. These boards will come with a battery included. All Tri-Mode PCBs support Hotswap.

- Top Case with Weight pre-assembled
- Carrying Case
- PCB including a foam kit
- Plate
- Silicone dampener and Poron Case Foam
- Gaskets: Socks and Jackets
- Rubber case feet
- Screws and stand-offs
- Battery (if Tri-Mode PCB is selected)

Kit Options:

Each kit type reflects the most popular choices at Group Buy. Some kits have only small numbers of units available, so please order early to avoid disappointment.


KIT Case Weight PCB Plate
A black black wired ISO ALU
B black chroma wired ISO FR4
C black dusk wired ISO FR4
D black dusk tri-mode ISO FR4
E black golden tri-mode ISO PC
F white black tri-mode ISO PC
G white black wired ANSI POM
H white chroma wired ANSI POM
I white dusk Tri-mode ANSI POM
J white golden wired ISO POM
K white golden Solder POM


As this is an In Stock item please do not add items from group buys to this order as it will delay your orders shipping till everything is available. No stabilisers or free gifts are included. 
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