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Reflection a Dual-mount XT FRLTKL by Han Boards


Design Summary 


Reflection features a three-piece / three-tone design with a silver base, copper weight, and top colour variants. It is an XTFRLTKL (basically a TKL with the F-row removed and a macro column on the side). The board features various design elements including a swept cut copper weight that follows the curve of the top piece side profile. The front of the board has a cherry lip of sorts - with the lip being the deepest in the middle and gently flowing into the chamfer on the side edges. There is a gentle cut on the sides and front of the board to give the perimeter some flair. Two engravings are present - one left justified on the back of the board and one on the underside of the board. The mirrored engraving on the aluminium bottom is half the depth of the one of the copper weight to give the appearance of a “reflection”.


The board features an internal screw system to keep the weight design as clean as possible. The final screws will be black oxidized and recessed slightly below the plate to be as hidden as possible. The aluminium inner frame has an open bottom so the copper is effectively a through weight giving a nice contrast on both the bottom as well as the inside of the keyboard. The daughterboard is installed upside-down with the cable being colinear with the PCB molex connector eliminating the need to bend the jst cable in a channel. There are small press-fit bumpers placed next to the screw holes to eliminate any chance of case ping. There are no adhesives anywhere on the board so it can be unassembled fully.


Inspiration Images:

Extras Available:

  • Reflection - Plate
    • Aluminium Full
    • Aluminium Half
    • Carbon Fibre Full
    • Carbon Fibre Half
    • Polypropylene Full
    • Polypropylene Half
  • Plate Support
    • ISO (solder only)
    • Split backspace
    • Split right shift
    • Stepped caps lock
    • 10U spacebar - 7U & 8U stab mounting points


  • Reflection - PCB
    • Solder
    • Hotswap
  • Technical Specifications
    • PCB Structure: 1.6mm FR4 (no flex cuts)
    • Processor: STM32F072
    • Software: QMK / VIAL
    • Switch Type: MX
    • ESD Protection: Onboard Fuse
    • Also compatible with universal daughterboard (C4 model) - Not included
    • Cable Type: Molex EZMate to Molex EZMate - Not included


  •  Reflection - Foam Kit
    • Includes - Case foam
    • Plate foam
    • PCB foam


Note: These are extras parts only. 

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