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Cycle7 is an innovative 70% keyboard that perfectly melds sleek aesthetics and robust functionality. Designed with a separate function area and arrow keys, it preserves the practicality of traditional TKL keyboards, while delivering a compact and clean look. Its design philosophy emphasizes decentralization and theme attenuation, striving to be inclusive enough to accommodate various definitions of a good keyboard.

Cycle7's keyboard case is manufactured from 6063-T6 aluminum using precise CNC technology. A key highlight is the pioneering TKDCoating electrostatic coating process, a treatment developed by TKD that offers a purer color representation, expanding the aesthetic choices for users.The keyboard is also equipped with a substantial stainless steel weight at the bottom and two H62 brass battery covers, enhancing its overall heft and feel. Its unique EZ-assemble ball-catch structure offers swift assembly and disassembly, letting users switch between various structural forms and modification combinations according to their preference.

For the optimum typing experience, Cycle7 incorporates a dual gasket mount system that provides two distinct typing feels – delicate and soft or elastic and engaging. Its design features flex cuts for an elastic typing experience, and unique PCB-cut plugs for a soft and bouncy feel. Moreover, Cycle7 has been meticulously engineered to reduce case noise, achieving a clean sound profile even without foam filling. The product also comes with various foam types for users desiring a "thockier" sound.

The keyboard supports both wired and wireless PCBs. The wireless version surprises with exceptionally low latency and is powered by two 2200mAh batteries.

Kit includes:

  • Case x 1
  • Carrying case x 1
  • Plate x 1
  • PCB x 1
  • Equalz V3 Stabilizer x 1
  • Gasket Strip x 1
  • Gasket Bean x 1
  • PE Foam x 1
  • Plate Foam x 1
  • Case Foam x 1
  • PCB-cut Plugs x 1
  • Bumpons x 1
  • USB-C Cable x 1
  • Switch puller x 1

Note that: Due to the nature of Chroma coloring techniques, Sidebar & Badge appearance may vary across different units. 


Kits Available:

Kit Case Colour Layout Weight PCB  Plate
Kit 1 Anodised Void Elf WK Purple PVD SS HS-Flex Alu
Kit 2 Anodised Void Elf WK Purple PVD SS Tri-mode FR4
Kit 3 Anodised Void Elf WK Purple PVD SS Solder-Flex PC
Kit 4 TKD Coating Rock WK Blue PVD SS HS-Flex Alu
Kit 5 TKD Coating Rock WK Mirror Polish SS Tri-Mode FR4
Kit 6 TKD Coating Rock WK Mirror Polish SS Solder-Flex PC
Kit 7 TKD Coating Cream WK Black PVD SS HS-Flex Alu
Kit 8 TKD Coating Cream WK Gold PVD SS Tri-Mode FR4
Kit 9 TKD Coating Cream WK Gold PVD SS Solder-Flex PC
Kit 10 Anodised Fog WK Sandblasted SS HS-Flex Alu
Kit 11 Anodised Fog WK Sandblasted SS HS-Flex FR4
Kit 12 Anodised Jasper WK Gold PVD SS HS-Flex Alu
Kit 13 Anodised Jasper WK Sandblasted SS HS-Flex PC








It possesses a sleek shape without losing the practicality that this size offers. Compared with many excellent 70% kits out there, but we believe that Cycle7 can offer a richer and more interesting experience.

This is a 70% (FRL) keyboard. Compared to the traditional TKL, this layout omits the function keys row but retains a separate function area and arrow keys.

EZ-assemble Structure:
The keyboard community is creative. Mortise and tenon, ball-catch, pull-rod...various forms of EZ-assemble structures have brought more fun to custom keyboards. After studying various EZ-assemble methods, we believe that the ball-catch form is currently the most efficient and stable EZ-assemble solution, so we have adopted this scheme for Cycle7.

However, we always believe that the true value of the EZ-assemble structure needs to be established on one premise: that is, to allow user to quickly switch structure forms and mod combinations according to their preferences.

Therefore, for Cycle7, we offer two structure forms and multiple mods for users to choose from, making the EZ-assemble structure especially important.

Gasket Mounting:
Cycle7 uses two types of Gaskets, and with the EZ-assemble, the internal mounting gaskets can be changed within 1 minute without the need to use any tools

  • Gasket-Bean
    • Provides a more elastic and interesting typing experience.
  • Gasket-Strip
    • Offers a more delicate and soft typing experience.

Flex Cuts:
We always believe that through Flex cuts can maximize their function. Various forms of Flex cuts have appeared in the keyboard community, and we have adopted what we believe to be the most efficient and controllable scheme to provide users with elastic typing experience in the alpha area.

PCB-cut Plugs:
PCB flex cuts are indeed effective in providing a soft and bouncy typing feel, but their impact on the sound performance of keyboards without foam is fatal. Therefore, we have designed PCB-cut plugs. Compared to Tape Mod, it can provide better sound performance.

Case noise optimization:
With Cycle7, we have achieved effective suppression of case noise without filling foam, allowing users to avoid the homogeneity problems brought about by various types of foam filling. With a cleaner case sound profile, users can try more combinations to achieve their desired setup.

Of course, Cycle7 also comes standard with various types of foam (PCB foam, under switch PE layer, Case foam) to meet the demand for a "thockier" sound.

PCB & Layout Design
- Wired Only VS Wireless
- Hotswap VS Soldered

Wired Only
Developed with the official QMK library, supports VIA/VIAL

We have contracted a hardware development company in the peripheral industry. They have customized a wireless firmware solution and dedicated driver for Cycle7. In preliminary testing, the latency of Bluetooth and 2.4G reached a level that surprised us. It's equipped with two 2200mAh batteries to ensure battery life in wireless mode.



TKD Coating:
Since we founded TKD, we have been researching and mastering the use of this process on keyboard cases. We have made good progress and for the first time in the Cycle7 project, we have adopted the TKDcoating electrostatic coating process.


The keyboard case is made of 6063-T6 aluminum and produced by CNC, with anodized and coating surface treatments.

Battery Cover
The keyboard comes with two H62 brass battery covers, finished with sandblasting.

Stainless Steel Weight
A large stainless steel weight is attached at the bottom of the keyboard. The surface treatment includes mirror polishing, sandblasting, and PVD.



All rendered images are for illustrative and display purposes only. The actual product may vary due to product improvements or changes.

This is a keyboard kit and does not come with switches and keycaps.

As this is an In Stock item please do not add items from group buys to this order as it will delay your orders shipping till As everything is available.

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