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J-02 Blackout Edition

The J-02 Blackout is upon us. With a host of new features, and already in production, this is the original vision of the J-series boards finally brought to life.
The whole board has been re-designed from the ground up to meet the changing keyboard scene, and take advantage of our ever building experience and manufacturing capabilities.

Key Features:

  • 60% in WKL layout only
  • 7.5 degree typing angle
  • Carbon Fibre or POM plate
  • A new single piece, injection moulded proprietary gasket system
  • No external screws
  • Quick change top case, allows you to switch out a PCB and plate assembly in less than a minute
  • Re-designed acoustic cavity to ensure consistent sound across the board
  • Newly designed PT PCB (Yes, it's pink)
  • All aluminium construction to reduce weight
  • In two tone black anodisation


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Whats Included:

  • J-02 Aluminium Case parts (Base, Mid, Top, Pen Rail)
  • Hardware (pre-installed)
  • PT-60J PCB + Daughterboard + JST Cable (QMK / VIA Compat)
  • Injection Moulded Gasket 
  • Plate (either POM/CF and ISO/ANSI layouts)
  • Custom injection moulded feet
  • Carry Case - Protective case to ship in
  • PT GMK Keycap
  • Stickers


    Changes to Previous Rounds

    • Completely re-designed case
    • Tweaked layer heights
    • Improved acoustic cavity
    • New gasket system, and improved mounting / alignment
    • New quick build change system
    • No external screws
    • New in-house PCB
    • Re-designed plates (+ POM Availability)
    • All Aluminium construction to reduce weight and improve sound
    • Magnetic top case
    • Re-designed and re-positioned Logo
    • Re-designed custom injection moulded feet
    • Options for additional mid tier and pen rails coming in future


    Design Philosophy

    • Inspired by vintage boards the J-series was an opportunity to bring old school features, such as pen rails, to modern boards
    • The design is reminiscent of early manufacturing where items were made in layers, and with strong defining features. 
    • From earlier rounds (back in 2017!!) the external view remains very similar (with some minor visual tweaks), but the internals were designed to allow sound to propagate through the acoustic cavity. Every part of the board has been re-designed from the ground up to finally allow us to fit the original vision.
    • Designed originally with Gateron Inks in mind for the CF plate, the current iteration works will with most linears, and for long pole linears or tactiles the POM plate is recommended.
    • Clickys are banned.

    See the Build Stream HERE:



    • Why only 50 units?
      • The keyboard scene has changed and I expect demand to be lower for this version. This was originally going to be a one off for my personal use with my vision fully realised. I was convinced otherwise to do a small run.
    • Why is the price so high?
      • Its as low as we can make it right now - broadly cost + enough to cover spares for QC failure. Pricing is due to the custom parts and moulds needed, plus the low volume of units.
    • Why no worldwide vendors?
      • Due to the small number of units available it doesn't make sense.
    • Why blackout?
      • I love the theme of black on black, and the idea was borne of a darker time in my life after some personal changes.
    • Why a Pre-Order not a Group Buy?
      • I wanted to have everything in production prior to release to reduce wait times.
    • Will there be any future runs?
      • Of the Blackout Edition, No. If its popular then I have other ideas I'd like to bring to life.
    • What if it doesn't sell out?
      • It doesn't change anything - these are already in production, and its your chance to purchase one at a lower price before we put any remaining units in stock.
    • Will there be an In Stock version later on?
      • Only if the pre-order doesn't sell out.
    • Will any parts work with my original J-02?
      • No - this is a completely new design. There are no interchangeable parts other than the PCB.
    • Is the PT-60J compatible with other keyboards, and will it be for sale on its own?
      • Yes, and Yes. Its something coming as an In Stock item soon alongside our TKL PCB's....
    • Commissions?
      • Maybe - just no HHKB



    • Our team at PT for working to make this a reality - Josh for the design, Sharon for managing production, Mel and Leo for prepping for QC and packing and shipping of these once they are ready!
    • Tim for the amazing photography of the prototype.
    • Everyone involved in earlier rounds of the older versions - without those foundations I would never have pursued this.



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