Tree Mat (Australia CFA Fundraiser)
Tree Mat (Australia CFA Fundraiser)

Tree Mat (Australia CFA Fundraiser)

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Group buy scheduled for 2 weeks. We've committed to all 50 MOQ so buy up, these will be made! ALL Profits to the Australia CFA

Dimensions: 900mm x 400mm x 4mm

As many of you are aware the current state of bushfires in Australia nationally is of an absolutely unprecedented scale. Lives have been lost in the course of duty, countless homes destroyed and over half a billion animals killed.

For this reason, proto[Typist] would like to do our part in contributing directly to the Australia Country Fire Authority with this massive global effort.

We are so wonderfully proud to reveal the Tree Mat. The Tree Mat symbolises everything about these devastating fires.

The iconic Australian Gum Tree - synonymous with Australian flora and fauna. Unfortunately this beautiful tree is also one of the reasons these fires have been so devastating. For this reason we have placed a single isolated tree front and centre. During daily use, it is hidden, a symbolic nod to not needing to actually see a problem to be aware of it.

The black mat symbolises the devastating smoke, darkness, ash and desolation. It also symbolises the battle of mental health, something those on the frontlines in particular have seen on an almost unimaginable level.

The red stitching around the edges symbolises the fires, and how around the borders in particular are under siege.

This is an exercise in unity. A global show of humanitarianism. All profits raised will donated directly to the CFA. Any and all vendors both domestically and internationally are welcomed. 

We are actively working hard to lower any production and logistic costs. I will be delivering as much Melbourne based stock as we can personally.

We will also be buying out the 50 MOQ regardless of if we sell 1 or 100.

This is a Group Buy item - Estimated Shipping: March 2020.

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