Weekly Update - 8th August 2020

Weekly Update - 8th August 2020


  • Website changes coming this weekend - ability to display VAT and Non-VAT prices for those inside or outside EU rules, and purchase accordingly based on shipping and billing address - will mean some downtime likely on Sunday Morning.
  • Archetype Deskmats from Mek have some images at the base of this blog post :D


Live Group Buys:

  • Infinikey 808-Boom group buy is now live and supporting the Children's Music Fund!!- Join whilst you can!!
  • Rain series deskmats now in for Pre-Order - avail in 4 awesome colours
  • WCK Deskmat - supporting the World Central Kitchen this deskmat will help us to support thousands of people across the world with hot meals - please buy one to do your bit <3


Coming Soon:

  • J-01 rev1 - GB  August? Updating details and suggestions on 3rd August, IC now live!! Currently working out pricing and dates :D
  • GMK Shoko will return very soon - 11th August
  • Lube, Switch films, keyboard stands, artisan cases and CF plates - STOCK ITEMS (expected August) - Still delayed in shipping
  • Lodestone Prototype v2 is here!! Undergoing assessment...
  • Loads of keysets and boards coming soon!!


Concluded Group Buys Latest Position:

  • Keyboard group buys currently in production:
    • Clarabelle - Now in post GB Processing (expected January 2021)
    • J-02 now in machining / anodisation (expected September 2020)
    • Candybar R2 & R2.1.1 - In production (expected September / October 2020)
  • GMK sets currently in production:
    • GMK Bleached (expected November/December 2020)
    • GMK Black Lotus (expected January/February 2021)
    • GMK Midnight Rainbow (expected February/March 2021)
    • GMK Mecha-01 Submitted for production - awaiting timeline
  • KAT sets currently in production:
    • Drifter (expected September/October 2020)
    • Drifter Deskmats have arrived
  • Deskmats currently in production:
    • Finale Deskmats (expected October 2020)
    • Adron - MX Switches, Stefan - Red Skull, BlackRiver - Spaceman (expected October 2020)
    • Boba Tea Series (expected November 2020)
    • Crystal Series (expected November 2020)
    • Archetype mats (expected November 2020) Production Pics avail at bottom of this update!!
    • Cute Keyboard Club (expected November/December 2020)
    • RGB Candymat (expected November)
  • Infinikey sets currently in production (incl matching deskmats):
    • Graen (Keyset and Deskmats now shipping to Prototypist - shipping to customers in August)
    • Pastel (expected September 2020)
    • Islander (Expected September 2020)
    • Aether (Expected October 2020)
    • Strawberry Lemonade (expected November 2020)
    • Port (expected December 2020)
  • EPBT sets currently in production
    • EPBT Retro Cyrillic (expected November/December 2020)
  • Misc Group Buys in production
    • POM Keycaps (expected September/October 2020)
    • CF Plate GB - Currently in sorting (expected to ship in September 2020)
    • Panpan plushies and deskmats now Closed (expected October 2020)


Archetype Mat Production Images:

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